Thursday, January 19, 2006

Exceeding expectations

NASA starry-eyed at comet's samples

How often these days do you feel that we have exceeding expectations. I know with the rovers on Mars I feel like we have gone past the bounds of our expectations. Stardust is another mission that has done this for me. I am super excited about the information we can uncover. I really hope we continue to advance in technology. Hopefully I would like to see a mission to Mars.

When I hear we succeed on these smaller missions, it gives me hope that one day we will move past the bounds of this planet.

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Intelligent Design not so Intelligent, Part 2.

"Intelligent design" not science: Vatican paper


I wrote about this before but I had to just revisit this topic by saying a few more things. The Catholic Church won't even support Intelligent Design as a science, that makes me laugh in so many ways. Also a few other little things.

The frame work of ID is put forth in a book,
Pandas and People
. Here is a small quote from Wikipedia, which is true. I saw the first edition of this book myself.

In drafts of the book Of Pandas and People, the word 'creationism' was subsequently changed, almost without exception to intelligent design. The book was published in 1989 and is considered to be the first intelligent design book.

Wikipedia: Intelligent Design

Whoever is trying to get this into schools is not very ethical. They really need to read the bible themselves and try to understand that this is not the way to argue Creationism being deceptive is wrong.

How about just figure out that creationism is religion and not science. Is this such a terrible thing? I am so tired of the ignorant trying to run the country. **cough Pat Robertson** Hey, Pat Robertson is the reason you had colon cancer because god is punishing you for being an asshole?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alito is a good choice.

Wikipedia link to Samuel A. Alito, JR. Check it out.

I personally love how this man thinks. If you listen to all the BS put out there by people who just lobby, then your not a person who should be reading this blog. If however you open your mind and have actually listen to him speak and respond to questions presented to him. Then you pretty much know he will be confirmed.

Mr. Alito has my support, I really like his reasoning and his general outlook for law itself. He will end up being a very good Supreme Court judge.

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