Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Well its been a while since I posted. PhantomStar, Inc. has been really busy, we launched NerdSearch.com and we are currently working on NerdSMail.com.
The email system we are going to release is not going to be free. We won't have many advantages over the free email systems, but we do have one major advantage.
When signing up for our email service, a person will not need to use a long email address.
So instead of an email that looks like this:


Our customers will be able to get something more like:


The service will include quite a few features, our biggest limitation is going to be space. Most likely our entry level account is going to be around 20MB.

I know, why make an email service. We will see how it works out, right now we are not shooting for millions of members. The resources are not there for us to do that many at this moment. Once we get things worked out, we will see :)

Until Next Time,