Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Russian spammer beaten to death

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I am not saying its good that he was killed, I am just saying I am not surprised that he was killed for being stupid. The way I look at crimes like this is pretty straight forward. You put your hand in the lions mouth, eventually it will get bitten off. Lets just hope a few other spammers figure it out before its to late.

"Russian spammer beaten to death"

"Known spammer Vardan Kushnir has been found dead in his Moscow apartment, having apparently been beaten to death about the head.

The case is being treated as murder though no motive has yet been established, according to reports citing the public prosecutions office of Moscow's central district.

As such it is too early to say whether the attack was related to Kushnir's spamming activities but in the past his operation has been subject to a number of revenge attacks - though nothing so serious as the apparent attack which has now left him dead.

Kushnir ran the Center for American English in Moscow and a history of spamming activities had previously raised the ire of many web users.

In July 2003, Russia's deputy communications minister, Andrei Korotkov, became so incensed about the volumes of spam he was receiving he instigated a denial of service attack against the school's phone system..."

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Searches and Civil Liberties.

I think this is pretty simple. You can be subject to a search when entering a public transportation system. I hate to tell you this, but you can be searched almost at any time when your in a public place. If an officer has "probable cause" they can put you to a search, and if you decline they can arrest/detain you until they can get a warrant to do so. In New York city they are allowing people to decline a search, but then you can not use the service they are providing. If you go to an airport this is virtually the same.

In the end I do not believe this takes away rights; if you don't want to be searched then do not use the service. You can easily get into your car and drive.

Here is a warning to the government though. If you (the government) decide to take our freedoms - be prepared to be at war with not only the people who believe in our Constitution, but with those in the military that will not stand by and watch as our rights are stripped from us. I am not saying this is the case so far, but we are walking a dangerous line. We can not let the terrorists win; we can not allow them to have an effect on our rights. If we do, then we might as well just surrender now.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

John G. Roberts Jr. Nominated to the Supreme Court.

This actually won't be long winded. I like this pick a lot. I am a moderate conservative and I feel this pick is in one sense risky but in another sense perfect. I have been critical recently of how President Bush has conducted himself as our President.

So here is a message to President Bush from someone like me. If we find out that Carl Rove was involved with disclosing Valerie Wilsons name to a member of the press; Carl Rove must be fired. Its pretty simple, keep your word. STOP the BS spin that he didn't "Give up" her real name by calling her Mrs Wilson. The one thing that regular Americans are sick (across party lines even) of is THE SPIN. Both sides need to stop this or "STOP IT OR I WILL BURY YOU ALIVE IN A BOX".

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