Thursday, September 22, 2005

No joke, you may actually laugh.

Ok here is a short post that may make you laugh.

Go to Yahoo and type in Failure. Does anyone wonder why Biography of President George W. Bush's site is number 5 on the list?

Either way its pretty funny. I am not in anyway making a comment on the status of his presidency. I am simply saying that its interesting and I wonder if someone at Yahoo did this on purpose? If you read into it at all, you might wonder if Yahoo has an agenda. (No I am not in anyway defending President Bush, just making an observation.)

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

North Korea nuclear deal lasts 1 freaking day.

It really stinks, I thought this was really a turning point. Come to find out North Korea doesn't appear to really want peace. I wonder how long China will continue to back these morons. Lets hope China does something about this, if not I foresee the worst coming.

I just have to say it again, this really sucks. I am pointing a finger, my middle one right at North Korea.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Now we are talking.. woohoo

Please read this story: U.S. says proof will be in the pudding for North Korea nuclear deal

We need to give credit where its due, the Bush Administration. It seems like President Bush has been on a mission to upgrade his presidency. I am happy with how he has been responding after Katrina. If this deal works out with North Korea we may have a real chance to not only help out North Korea but help out ourselves.

I listen to a commander speak about how Iraq is going, and I am pretty hopeful that things are going to work out for us. I believe the commander since he is there fighting the war and most everyone who writes about the war is here in the US.

I am very hopeful things are going to work out for us in general. I am super stoked about us returning to the moon :) I will post on that story soon.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Withdrawal from Iraq?

Ok, for those of you who say to withdraw from Iraq now, what are you smoking? I would really like some of that; it has to be good shit. Those of you who before the war did not voice your opinion and did not picket against the war need to shut your traps. Grow a backbone and stop being completely spineless. I am sick of those who want to withdraw but voted for or didn't protest against the war.

I do not mind those who before the war didn't want to go; I just happen to not be one of them. These statements do not mean that I believe I was right, in fact I think it was an error in judgment to have gone now that we see there are no WMDs. We cannot take faulty information back, go back in time and make different choices. Some of you (who have your heads shoved up your asses) believe this to be the case. We "broke" Iraq now we MUST fix it.

What kind of morals do you have if you vote to go to war, or don't protest the war then after WE have lost people then want to pull out? Seriously, do you want those people to die for no reason what so ever?

We MUST finish what we started. If you have listened (which I seriously doubt, most of those who want to pull out have done nothing but talk) to the commanders in Iraq we are making progress. Iraq as a country will recover. I hope they can be future allies of ours.

I am not talking about people like Howard Dean; he was not for the war in the first place. He has every right to ask for a full withdrawal (even though that is NOT what he is suggesting) but my point is simple.

We broke it, we fix it. If you can't get this, then you seriously have no morals at all. Don't give me the BS either that you didn't vote for the war. You voted for a president that took us in there in the first place. If you don't like democracy then you may not want to live in the US. Those who win the votes are the ones who make choices for us.

Do I personally think Iraq is a good idea? Hell no, I think it was a huge mistake. I am one of those who did not protest the war. I actually wanted to "make an example" like a lot of other people. I was sick of Saddam playing cat and mouse with us, I was sick of reading articles where we had to kill more targets in the no fly zone. I wanted to pull out then, but we still had to up hold UN resolutions at that time. For 10 years he played with us, and guess what; he got screwed because of it. But I say we try and fix what we broke and leave only when the Iraq government sees fit for us to leave.

If you’re wondering who I wrote this for, the answer is "ME". I write this and I don't actually care if anyone else reads what I think; its just nice to get it out of my head and onto "so called" paper.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

John G. Roberts Jr. is a stud.

If you haven't been listening to the hearings today, your really missing something very wonderful. Judge Roberts is not only well spoken, but he does not dodge questions.

I know some are scared that he is going to overturn certain cases, but please remember that the Supreme Court of our land is not supposed to make law they are supposed to rule on our constitution and the constitutionality of laws that are passed. Our legislative body is responsible for making laws. A good example is when the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government couldn't directly tax income of individuals. The Congress introduced an amendment to the constitution to allow it. Did the 16th amendment actually pass? Well that's for another talk altogether.

I am conservative when it comes to how the courts are supposed to rule. I believe in our constitution and I am willing to give my own life for it. I am one of those believers who would say the constitution is our civic bible.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

What can I really say. It appears we really dropped the ball. Please donate to the Redcross if you can help, these people really need our help. I just hope we turn our focus to real threats in the US. If not I am sorry to say this won't be the last time this type of thing happens to our country.

I don't really have the words, its why I didn't post on Katrina until now. I really can't be angry with so much suffering going on. It takes the winds out of anyone's sail when you see the disaster of Katrina. The only thing I do know is we shouldn't be arguing over who did what wrong. As a country we dropped the ball, but after this terrible event we can review the mistakes made. Lets hope we take every threat seriously in the future, it seems we are a little too focused on terrorism. I'm not saying we should not do anything about terrorism but maybe we can find some kind of medium where we can keep our eyes open to all threats.

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